Homemade Christmas

My husband’s family opens their Christmas gifts one at a time so that everyone can share in the excitement of each gift being unwrapped. I LOVE this. I think my favorite part of Christmas is watching loved ones open a gift I’ve given them.

While I enjoy buying someone exactly what they want, I get even more jazzed if I can make them something they’ll love. Well, I have been busy on my sewing machine this year and thought I would share a few of the projects I’ve been up to.

1) Hand Warmers


These were so simple to make and they really work! Cut out whatever shape you wish, sew along the sides leaving an opening, pour in uncooked brown rice, and then sew them up. I think they make a fun stocking stuffer. You can also make them bigger and use them as a heating pad or bed warmer. How nice would it be to heat a big one up and put it under the sheets so they are toasty when you climb in?

To use: Put them in the microwave for 15-20 seconds, put them in your pockets and have warm hands for 30-45 minutes! Warning, if you cook them too long they WILL  burn your hands and if using synthetic fleece could catch on fire. 15-20 seconds is really all they need.

Made: 12 sets

Cost: $8 for fleece fabric (1/2 yrd) and $2 for a 2 bags of brown rice

2) Apron with matching Dish Towels


My sister in-law requested a half apron and I found a really cute print on a nice canvas fabric that the dark picture is really not doing justice. After I made the apron from a pattern I already had, I had some fabric left over and decided to make matching dish towels. I bought some plain ones from Ross, cut out the fabric the width of the towel and about 3 in in height and top-stitched the pieces onto the towel. Voila! I think it makes this gift feel a little more complete, almost like a gift set you’d find at the store.

Made: 1 apron, 2 dish towels

Cost: $6 for fabric $4 for 3pk of dish towels

3) Reversible Tote


I found this great Chevron fabric while looking for the fabric for the apron and knew I had to make something for my mother-in-law with it. I came across this wonderful tutorial on making reversible totes. It was so simple that I think this will be my new go to gift.

Made: 1 tote

Cost: $7 for fabric

That is what I’ve made so far! I have a few more projects I’m considering to try this week and will share if I get to them. Will you be giving any hand-made gifts this year? What are your favorite hand-made gifts to give or receive?

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